Why Is Prenatal Oral Care Important?

When you are pregnant with your bundle of joy, it’s important to take care of your oral health. Some may even say it’s as important as your prenatal check-ups. Another term you may hear is “healthy mom, healthy baby”.  Continue reading to learn why prenatal oral care is important.

Is It Safe to Go To The Dentist While Pregnant?

It’s been examined that when you are pregnant, the surge in hormones can cause your teeth to weaken. Being pregnant can put you at higher risk for periodontal disease, commonly referred to as pregnancy gingivitis.

When you are pregnant, reporting any change in your health is important; even something that may seem insignificant like a small toothache. What seems to be minor could end up being an oral infection, which has the potential to be harmful to both yourself and your baby.

If you are in need of dental x-rays, it’s important to remember that they are safe during pregnancy. Your technician will take extra precaution when taking the images of your teeth; they will be sure to cover your abdomen and thyroid in order to eliminate any chance of harmful radiation posing a risk.

Dental Treatment During Pregnancy

If surgical intervention is needed for your condition, your dentist will explain what is necessary and ask you to get the clearance from your gynecologist. It’s absolutely crucial to ensure that your gynecologist has no concerns before your dentist performs the surgery.

If you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, oral surgery is not recommended, as it’s during this time you are at higher risk for miscarriage or your child having birth defects. Once you have reached your second and third trimester – with your gynecologist’s approval – you can get the dental surgery you need.

The options for pharmaceutical intervention are limited during pregnancy. Be sure to follow any recommendations from your dentist and gynecologist when discussing your oral health or dental surgery.

When you arrive at your appointment, be sure that you have your complete medication list for your doctor, including the dosage and kind of prenatal vitamin you are taking. If you have had any complications with pregnancy, this is something your doctor also needs to know about. Your dentist will let you know if those complications will change the care you can receive from them while you are pregnant, if a procedure is too dangerous to do while you are pregnant, you will be rescheduled for after you deliver.

Home Oral Care During Pregnancy

Maintaining good oral hygiene while pregnant is a crucial part of preventing pregnancy hormones from having a negative impact on your teeth. If you are suffering from morning sickness, like most women do, make sure to thoroughly rinse your mouth out with water after any bouts of vomiting. If brushing your teeth is causing you to get ill, be sure to inform your dentist. Here at Oakton Dental Center, we are here to help you manage your oral health throughout all stages of your life. For more information about prenatal dental care or to get scheduled in our

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