I can’t say enough how amazing the doctor is! Every time I smile or I look at my picture, I wonder why I didn’t fix my front teeth sooner! He gave a beautiful smile that I’m forever thankful for!
Bahareh N.
I had the best experience here this week! We just moved here a month ago and I haven't gotten a chance to find a dentist. Part of my tooth fell out and I needed to have it fixed quickly. Oakton Dental Center got me in right away and was able to fix it within 24 hours. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend this place and I will be back for preventative care for sure!
Diane P.
The doctor always does a great job with my kids' exams. Recently he filled two cavities on my son, taking care of both teeth in one appointment. The team is always cheerful and friendly. Thank you.
Steve H.
Oakton Dental Center is the best dental center I've ever received dental work from. I just had four fillings done today and had two porcelain crowns done there last December. The doctor is a dentist of the highest order. His skill set, subject matter expertise, meticulous attention to detail, and the high level of customer service of his team exemplify a platinum standard of excellence. I have referred my wife and son to him, and my wife has referred her friends. I give them five stars!
Darryn A.
The doctor and his team were all amazing. I’ve been to many dental offices in my life but none have felt as comfortable, friendly, and professional as Oakton Dental Center. I plan to go back to finish up some work that I’ve been putting off for many years, knowing I’ll be in good hands.
Nico D.
The doctor is phenomenal. He pays attention to lots of details that are invisible to other dentists. I brought my family here for a regular dental checkup and it became a life-changing experience for us. The team there is courteous, friendly, and professional. I am impressed that they work as a team to bring out the best service to their patients. Every time I visit the office, I feel that I am in the good hands of a great team.
Aaron T.
My boyfriend had a cracked tooth that had become horribly infected. We had been calling around to our local dentists, but nobody could see him. Then, my friend told me about her dentist in Oakton, VA. I called and explained the situation to them, they made an emergency appointment for him that day! If you are looking for a dentist who truly cares about your well-being, then look no further.
Liana H.
I just started going to this dentist and have been extremely impressed with him and his team. I went to 4 consultations for veneers and he was the only one to do a full exam of my transferred x-rays and mouth. He is very patient and thorough and really takes his time explaining the details and rationale behind his thinking. I have never felt strongly enough about a dentist to write a review on one but I certainly do now.
Michele C.
Amazing as usual. I’ve been coming here for a few years now and they have always been so nice and very thorough. They are especially considerate of comfort. I personally love that they let me wear headphones during my cleaning because the scraping sound really bothers me. Oakton Dental Center has been so great that I travel 2 hours (one way) to go see them.
Tammy T.
The doctor and his friendly team made me feel comfortable and at home while I was there. The dental hygienist gave me great advice and the doctor always listens to what I had to say. I love coming here so much that my family will now be going there as well. I highly recommend this wonderful and caring office to anyone!
Krisztina H.
My family and I have started going to Oakton Dental Center this year after not going to dentists in years, and we couldn’t be more satisfied. All of the clinicians, front office team, hygienists, and assistants are very knowledgeable in their respective areas. The doctor shows a lot of patience and care, and we truly feel we’re in good hands. I’m happy to give 5/5 stars and would happily recommend this dental office.
Doo S.
My family and I have been going to this doctor for our dental care for years and I highly recommend him to you and yours. He does good work, provides his recommendations, is reasonably priced, and works well with the varying ages in our family. I am glad we found him way back when and recommend him for your care.
Doug K.
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