Correct Crooked Teeth With Invisalign

Are you looking for a solution for crooked teeth?

Invisalign can be an excellent solution for patients who have crooked or misaligned teeth. Invisalign gently realigns misaligned teeth over the course of treatment. Patients with Invisalign can expect predictable, effective results as long as they follow their treatment plan. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Abbas Ahrabi provides Invisalign in his beautiful Oakton, VA dental office. Dr. Ahrabi uses Invisalign as a solution for patients who are dealing with a range of alignment issues. Invisalign can be used to correct:

  • gapped teeth
  • misaligned teeth
  • crooked teeth
  • uneven teeth
  • crowded teeth
  • underbite
  • TMJ
  • overbite

During your visit, Dr. Ahrabi will examine your teeth and review which options best suit your dental needs. At Oakton Dental Center, we are committed to providing exceptional, personalized dental care to give patients the treatment they need.

The Importance Of Treating Crooked Teeth

Treating crooked teeth is not only beneficial for cosmetic reasons but for oral health reasons as well. Patients with crooked teeth may have a more difficult time properly cleaning their teeth. When the teeth are crooked or misaligned, it may be harder to clean certain spots in the mouth so patients with crooked teeth may be more prone to cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. Misaligned or crooked teeth can also put more stress on the jaw. Patients may experience signs of TMD, which can affect the bite and cause more complex problems in the future. Straightening crooked teeth can alleviate symptoms associated with TMD and minimize your chance of developing complex dental problems.

How It Works; Invisalign

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign are sets of clear, plastic aligners that reposition your teeth into the desired position over time. Invisalign is a discreet, convenient solution for patients who want to realign their teeth.

During your initial visit, Dr. Ahrabi will perform a comprehensive examination of your occlusal system and a bite analysis to check for signs of TMD. With the use of digital imaging and 3-D modeling, Dr. Ahrabi skillfully takes accurate images of your teeth to design your custom made aligners.Dr. Ahrabi sends your images to a lab where skilled professionals create your personalized aligners. The length or your treatment and the number of aligners you receive depends on the severity of your alignment issues.

Once your aligners are ready, Dr. Ahrabi will go over special instructions and schedule follows up visits to check the progress of your treatment. Patients can expect to wear each set of aligners for about two weeks. Patients can remove their aligners to eat and perform their daily oral hygiene routine.

Schedule a Consultation

If you want to explore your options for correcting crooked teeth, visit Oakton Dental Center in Oakton, VA. Dr.Ahrabi has years of experiencing helping patients maintain healthy, functional smiles. To schedule an appointment, contact our Oakton dental office.

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